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We've just added 1000s of book auctions to our catalog.   You can find them on the search results page.  

Posted on: 06.03.2014 04:37 pm
Thousands of additional new first editions added.  Thanks for your support.

Posted on: 28.01.2014 10:25 pm
Thanks for the feedback over at   For Tolkien fans, take a look at  Nicely done.

Posted on: 18.01.2014 04:36 pm
OK, it's clear everyone hates CAPTCHAs so we're going to get rid of them on the individual book pages.  Once you're registered, just click Save to update a  page.  We'll make that change overnight hopefully.  

Posted on: 18.01.2014 04:35 pm
Sorry for the bug in the edit function.  It's been fixed.  Thanks for letting us know about the problem.  

Posted on: 18.01.2014 04:31 pm
We don't catalog maps, but this one is too cool to pass up.  The first dedicated map of the Pacific.

Posted on: 15.01.2014 01:06 am
Fascinating article in the New Yorker about sellers dismantling antiquarian books.   Apparently the whole isn't always bigger than the sum of its parts.  Cutting up middle age manuscripts with a manicure scissors? Incredible.

Posted on: 13.01.2014 10:37 pm
Lots of new activity in the last few days.   A warm welcome to new users.  Don't hesitate to contribute.  Over 16,000 books already cataloged.

Posted on: 08.01.2014 07:36 pm
Welcome to Collectible Cat.  Watch this space.  We'll be updating you on the progress of creating the world's first open collectible catalog of antiquarian books.

Posted on: 07.01.2014 06:02 pm

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